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Dennis Olson

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This forum was created in order to give the 2004 election threads a place to live, other than the main forum. As the process heats up, more and more political threads have been posted in the main room. Although we understand that politics IS news (to a certain extent), these threads were "taking over". The staff determined that the best way to handle this was to create a "Politics" forum, where members could proceed "hot & heavy". This forum should be considered "TIO-lite", in that pretty much anything goes except blatant flaming and profanity. Have fun, and please - TRY to keep it as civil as possible, okay?



did someone say BBQ?
Thanks for the new home. Yeah, I can gaurantee this place is going to be red hot in the coming days..

Gentlemen, start your engines!



Membership Revoked
The fact that you have segmented this issue into a different forum away from the public area is exactly what's wrong with the political process: differences cannot be discussed, the politics of power cannot surface.

America is not the land of the free anymore.


Bearded Weirdo

PresterJohn, there are many links to this SIG on the main forum. This is hardly a secret,hidden SIG.

America is not the land of the free anymore.

Is this just another example of how President Bush is taking away all of our rights? :lol:


Sometimes I get upset when things leave the front page.....I'll let it go! I'm glad you guys are moderating and I think this section is a good idea. Sorry for past whining. :)