Dem What is the Dem party offering


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What is the Dem party offering that would lead others to vote for them?
I am not joking. I want to know.
I have asked this same question on 3 other sites, and all I get is insults.
The only things I have seen the Dem party offer is.....
90% taxes.
Mandatory health insurance for Americans, so they can afford to give it free to the illegals.
Defund ICE so the illegals can have free run.
Tax payer abortions, up to the moment of birth, or even after.
Open borders.
bring in as many 'refugees' as possible, as fast as they can.
End the Electoral College
Forces buy back of guns.
Boys in girls restrooms.
Repealing the first, second, fourth, fifth, amendments to the Constitution without a constitutional vote.
Shut down all gas, and coal power plants.
Force everyone to buy electric cars.

These are what I have heard, I have not heard them promise anything good for the American people.
When I asked this on other site, the only responses I get back are
Trump is a racist
Trump is evil
Trump is a Russian puppet
Trump is insane

and then there is the personal attacks
You're to stupid to understand how government works.
I just ignore the insult, and almost feel sorry for the person posting them. I guess that is all they could do.


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As far as I am concerned, the democrats only offer the destruction of capitalism and all that that means. Then on top of that, there is INTENSE hatred out there for TRUMP and all that he says and does.

Now my biggest fear is that the dems will find a way to crash the economy in an effort to stop TRUMP.


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You need to remember the younger generations have been brain washed for 20+ years by public schools and colleges. They don't really think for themselves or study history.